Gorilla: The Largest Primate In The World

Gorilla facts
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This Article is all about Gorilla Facts and Information. It has been quite some time since I have discussed the apes in general. Now it is time to be more specific. I have already shared interesting facts about Chimps now its turn for the Biggest primate the GORILLA.

The scientific name of Gorilla is Gorilla gorilla

Interesting Gorilla Facts and Information

The word Gorilla comes from the Greek word Gorillai meaning the tribe of hairy women.

Types Of Gorillas:

There are several species in the group of the Gorillas. Western Lowland Gorillas, Cross River Gorillas, mountain Gorillas eastern lowland Gorillas are some of the species that included in the group.

gorilla facts
Picture of a Gorilla

Male and Female Gorilla:

Gorillas show sexual dimorphism i.e, male and female Gorilla differs very much in size and appearance that you can differentiate the two very easily. An adult male Gorilla can weight up to 600 lbs whereas a female Gorilla can be up to 200 to 300 lbs.
They are the largest group of primates in the world.

They are knuckle-walkers and use four limbs while walking. Though they are capable of bipedal walking like humans.

What Do Gorillas Eat:

Gorillas move every day in search of food. They don’t sleep in the same nest twice in a row. Every time they built a new one.Though their sense organs are highly developed they cannot distinguish between colors.

This group of primates is mostly vegetarian. A gorilla diet sometimes may contain slugs and insect but they don’t eat meat. Due to the vegetarian habitat, their stomach size is far bigger than their chest size.
They hardly drink water.

The lower jaw of Gorillas is more protruded than their upper jaw.

They are a social animal and live in a group of 5 to 9. A group of gorillas is called a band. They generally are not aggressive as portrayed by people but if provoked they can be very dangerous.

The newborn Gorilla is capable of walking within 5 months from its birth. But they prefer to stay with their mothers until 2.5 years.

They are next closest relatives to humans after Bonobos and Chimpanzees. Their DNA is 98% similar to that of humans. Gorillas have 10 fingers and 10 toes like humans. They also have 32 teeth. Every Gorilla’s fingerprint is unique, just like humans.

How Strong Are Gorillas:

The upper body strength of a Gorilla is 6 times more than a human. They have very well developed arms and muscles.

The silverback is not a different species of Gorilla rather at around 12 years of age the male Gorilla develops some silver coloring on their back. They are the mature males of the group and they are the leader of the group. They also grow canine teeth.

How Long Do Gorillas Live:

The lifespan of Gorillas can be up to 35-50 years. Leopards and Crocodiles are known to prey on Gorillas.
The Gorillas are grouped in the endangered and critically endangered animals in IUCN red list.

So you are now aware of some of the interesting facts about the “King-Kong”. Now watching the movie will be much more enjoyable than it was before. Thanks for reading. We will cover some other animals in my later blogs.


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