The Apes: A General Idea

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Apes generally refers as the human like creatures. They can keep their bodies in both semi-upright as well as upright position. The arms are generally longer than legs. This article put some light on the different apes in our animal Kingdom.The word “Ape” has several meaning to several people. For most of the people ape is a synonym for monkeys. Some refers to any tail-less monkeys and non-human hominoids. But biologically speaking we humans are also part of apes along with Bonobos, Chimpanzees, Gorillas, Orangutans and Gibbons, where as Monkeys are not a part of it.

The apes can be divided in two parts:
  1. Lesser apes: Which includes Gibbons.
  2. Greater apes: includes of orangutans, gorillas, chimpanzees, bonobos and humans


They are the smallest(height 75-100cm weight 10-14kg) among the apes. Generally found in southeast rainforests. They are almost entirely arboreal. They are omnivorous i.e, they eat fruits as wells as meat. They can be very fast moving in the trees. Their speed can reach up to 55km/h. Gibbons are monogamous by nature.


They are much larger when compared to Gibbons(height 4-5ft weight 35-60kgs). Only found in the forests of Asia. They are also omnivorous and can live up to 50 years. Orangutans are the largest arboreal animal living on the planet.


Gorillas are the largest member of the Ape family. A male Gorilla can weight up to 275kg and standing height can reach up to 1.75 meters. Gorillas are herbivorous in nature. They eat fruits, herbs stems and roots. They can be found in central and western Africa.


Chimps can weight up to 70kgs. They are very intelligent among the rest of their cousins are much more similar to humans then any other. They are omnivorous and can live upto 40 years. For more details and interesting facts about Chimpanzees check out my earlier blog.


Earlier they were clubbed with the chimps(the pigmy chimpanzees) but now they have been recognized as separate animal. They are 2.5ft in height and can weight up to 40kgs. They are mostly frugivorous, means fruit eaters. They are found in Congo in central Africa.
Unlike monkeys Apes do not possess tail, and Apes are generally bigger than Monkeys(except for Gibbons they can be smaller than many species of Monkeys). They are considerably larger than monkeys(except Gibbons).
Apes have larger brains than any other group of animals(except the Dolphins). They are found to be extremely intelligent and can use tools.
Apes are generally agile climbers of trees(except Gorillas and Humans).
I have already discussed interesting facts about Chimpanzees in my earlier article. I will add articles on the rest of the apes too later.
Thanks for reading. Please share this article to create awareness among people.

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